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About Pokey Pin

Pokey Pin is the way to support your favorite skaters, activists, and humans. They are to wear, represent, collect, or gift away to others. Each pin is designed by the individual and 100% of the proceeds from their pins is donated to the organization of their choice in their name. 

Why would we do that you ask? Because we also want to support our favorite humans, and sometimes it's just too awkward to drag a pro-model skateboard into a wedding or board meeting. It is way more practical and convenient to adorn a lapel or fanny pack with a Pokey Pin. Small. Classy. Shiny.

We found there were too many rad humans out there that should be recognized for their talent. What little merchandise we could find is always a side-note to a major company. We are a recliner company that has no interest in making money off the backs of others. We are solely about supporting and celebrating some of our favorite folks. That is why we donate 100% of the proceeds of each persons Pokey Pin.